About us

Transcend the limits. Discover the legend. Experience Gulgi.
I dove deep into the sea every night. The magical feeling of breathing underwater for
the first time stole all my doubts and I believed in the world of infinite possibilities.
I had transcended all physical limitations and became a god of the sea. Exploring the great mysteries and breathing effortlessly underwater became my birthright.
Zero limits, zero barriers. I was connected by a legend more powerful than I had
ever known. These dreams are my waking reality.
Transcend the Limits.
With Gulgi our transcendent quality has become an obsession. It is
our passion to provide professional and recreational divers with high quality scuba
gear that transcends all physical limitations for legendary exploration, ease of
breathing, and safe diving.
We believe it is every divers birthright to breathe effortlessly underwater, to move
about with ease, and to fearlessly connect to the majesty of our ocean and other
underwater playgrounds. Your timeless adventure begins with our latest and
innovative technology and tireless effort toward offering heavenly comfort and god-
like systems crafted with your ultimate adventure in mind. With Gulgi, you have
everything you need to deeply explore infinite possibility and discover your legend.
Gulgi gives the all divers alike a home within a home and a world within a world.
Gulgi renders your dreams a reality by producing the highest quality gear. It
sustains and fuel your dream of exploring the enchanting coral reefs or the tragic
mysteries of a wreck like a god. Therefore, we have a brilliant team of engineers
manufacturing the worlds best and top-performing equipment to ensure diving
success, transcendent experiences, and legendary discoveries.
When you select Gulgi, you’re getting 14 years of dive gear
innovation to aid in your ocean mastery and improve the quality of each dive. Invest in excellent craftsmanship and enduring quality with Gulgi. Become the sea god of your deepest dreams.
Transcend the limits. Discover the legend. Experience Gulgi.