Your 2018 Wetsuit Adventures: The 3 Best Scuba Dives in the World

Your 2018 Wetsuit Adventures: The 3 Best Scuba Dives in the World
When people think of explorers they think of Indiana Jones, Lewis and Clark or Marco Polo, to name just a few. But the real exploration of the unknown is not on land, but rather it is in the ocean. With more known about the surface of the moon than that of the ocean, it continues to be one of the most mysterious places. And with the fact that over 70 percent of the Earth is made up of water the real discoveries are still yet to be discovered and are waiting for people to
venture to these exotic and foreign places through scuba diving.
So invest in some wetsuits and scuba diving equipment and make 2018 the most memorable year ever through the exploration of the ocean by visiting these three top scuba diving destinations.
Sipadan Island: The only oceanic island of Malaysia, Sipadan Island is best known by scuba divers for Barracuda Point. Barracuda Point got its name due to large schools of barracuda that take the formation of what looks like to be a tornado. But the barracuda are not the only fish that will amaze you. Sabah’s coast is home to over 300,000 different fish species. To minimize the carbon footprint that is brought on with tourism this island limits visitors. Thus, a permit is
needed if you want to scuba dive here.

Cape Kri: The Conservation International Rapid Assessment Bulletin has stated that there is more marine life located in this area of Raja Ampat in Papua New Guinea than all the areas of the Coral Triangle. By scuba diving here not only will you get to explore the most spectacular coral reefs in the world, but also Cape Kri holds the record for the most fish species seen in one dive.

Great Blue Hole: No scuba diving list could be complete without adding the ever famous Great Blue Hole located in Belize. Being tilted "The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth" by Discovery Channel, this area is best known as being the largest sinkhole in the world. Not only is this sinkhole one of the most unique and beautiful places you will ever go to, but the wildlife here is equally as spectacular. This adventure is best done by experienced scuba divers with quality equipment as well as to those who love sharks, since there is an abundance here.